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Foreclosure Attorney in Sarasota, FL

The prospect of foreclosure leaves many homeowners feeling frightened, helpless, and alone. Law Office of Kelly A. Rodenas, PA understands just how devastating going through a foreclosure can be. Your home, after all, is more than just a residence it s the place where you and your family have built your lives.

When You Need Answers

Law Office of Kelly A. Rodenas, PA will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding foreclosure. When you work with Law Office of Kelly A. Rodenas, PA, you’ll get the help and advice of a compassionate professional who wants nothing more than to help you achieve the best possible outcome given your circumstances.

If you re already in the midst of the foreclosure process, Law Office of Kelly A. Rodenas, PA may be able to negotiate on your behalf with your lender. By speaking to a lawyer early, before your first missed mortgage payment, you ll have a better understanding of your options. In some cases, early legal intervention may even help you keep your home.

Here to Help

Foreclosure is stressful enough without having to worry about filing paperwork, researching available government aid programs, and dealing with creditors. Contact Law Office of Kelly A. Rodenas, PA today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate lawyer who can provide assistance during this troublesome time.

One of the Best

Ms. Rodenas Law Practice is known to be one of the best in Sarasota. She has provided my firm and myself with very thorough and competent representation in court and in a variety of legal matters, demonstrating her expertise and competence with sound legal advice and service. I was fortunate to meet her at a Unidos Now event, which speaks to her character, as she was volunteering as an academic mentor to Latino youth in our community. Ms. Rodenas is very professional in her approach and is able to resolve matters efficiently. Her staff is very welcoming and responds to phone calls promptly. Rates are reasonable and clearly explained. I would highly recommend this attorney for your legal needs. C. Fleener, M.D.

I want to thank Kelly Rodenas from the bottom of my heart for the very professional help and assistance she has given to a dear relative. She was very effective in representing said person in court as well as with legal matters and counseling. Ms. Rodenas charges very reasonable fees for the excellent service she provides. In addition, her assistant will promptly answer your calls.

Kelly was very informative in providing legal counsel to my mother regarding her divorce. She attentively listened to my mother and educated her on a variety of different angles she could use to handle the case. Kelly never pressured my mother to retain her services and was not paying any mind to how much time she was investing in my mother’s case. My mother is very thankful for the information. She feels more confident than ever now that she is well aware of her rights towards what she is entitled. I thank Kelly and her staff very much for the outstanding services provided.

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