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Utah Car Donation, Online Vehicle Donations, UT, NEF6.COM

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Ever since the first covered wagons arrived in Utah, striking out West was the uniquely American way to get a fresh start. The Mormons did it and you probably did it in a vehicle of your own at one point. Perhaps you struck out for Salt Lake City or maybe you were struck by the beauty of Castle Country, no matter the destination your wheels got you there but now it’s time to call it quits for the car that got you everywhere. What to do? Keep it? Sell it? Junk it? No, donate it! Vehicle donation in Utah is straightforward and hassle-free when you decide to do it through Allstate Car Donations.

We’ve streamlined the entire Utah car donation process to make it the ultimate win-win situation when it comes to helping people help themselves! Allstate Car Donations is motivated to give 110% because your car donation in Utah is important to the Center for Living and Learning. Since 2001, The Center has offered its unique 18-month paid apprenticeship to individuals who are at-risk, re-entering society, in recovery, and/or transitioning from welfare to work. Apprentices are given every opportunity to go the distance in personal as well as professional development. Chances to work within the organization abound, so when you contact us to donate your car in Utah, you’ll be assisted by one of our fully-trained, friendly and knowledgeable apprentices! They’ll let you know if free towing or pick-up is available in your area, or whether or not having a title in hand is better overall for your vehicle donation. (If so, you can obtain a duplicate title by completing an Application for Utah Duplicate Title via this link and sending in the $6.00 fee with it.) What are you waiting for? Change lives by calling 1-855-227-7456 toll-free or click here to fill out our online auto donation form to get started!

Donate Your Car in Utah Today and Receive a $100 Gift Certificate from Restaurants.com!

Vehicle Donation in Utah (UT)

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Donation services available local and nationwide incluing Hawaii and Alaska .

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